No More Mr Nice Guy… Do we really want a nice guy, or do we just say we do?

Sometimes a conversation overheard on the street, can spark an idea, or get you thinking. I love getting little snippets of sidewalk chats, and turning … Read the rest

BEE F. F : The scales of FriendSHIP

Friendships can be hard. Relationships can be even harder. But if you truly value your girl friendships as integral to your life as the man … Read the rest

No Woman is an Island— From one island to another- Stories from the outer borough…

New york city is fun when you plan stuff, but it’s also all about impromptu events that can change an evening, or a life for … Read the rest

Beeloved Manhattan- reason # 3 – Island Love- when your waiter becomes your dater

It’s a common occurrence.There you are, eating your meal, be it brunch, dinner, etc with some friends at fill in the blank, insert any funky … Read the rest

Next Stop, Style Island… The Underground Runways of NYC

I realized this morning that the New York City underground subway system is almost parallel to the Lincoln Center tents, but with less, or maybe … Read the rest

Snakes on a Plane… make that.. an Island…. Styles with BITE!

                The snake had it right. Last Thursday, a 20 inch, baby, female, Egyptian cobra snake escaped from … Read the rest

Keep your KNICKers on… Friday night lights at MSG

Friday night the boy and I went to see the Knicks vs the Bucks at Madison Square Garden. Yes, we came after half time, already … Read the rest

Let me Entertain You- A night of NYC burlesque: pasties, glitter and popped cherries

Before Christina Aguilera and Cher made a horrible movie, The Box created an exclusive, late night sexy alcohol fueled show, and I had my 30th … Read the rest

SPRING FLING … when mother nature has a one night stand with an entire island

Looking at this awful weather, it’s hard to believe that Sunday was the first day of spring, let alone 70 degrees. But if we are … Read the rest