Manhattan, I love You…. by HK Michaels

I have to admit, today’s Daily Buzz was found by accident, but immediately after stumbling upon it, I realized I must share it w/ my … Read the rest

I'm Sleeping, On a jet plane……

I already have a intense fear of flying. It’s not crippling to the point where it affects my life, and I’m not gonna lie-I do … Read the rest

Shellac Attack – The newest thing in nails

Could this be the best… manicure… EVER? The rumor mill is running and the bloggers are buzzing. This new Shellac manicure from CND is touted … Read the rest

Peace of Mind around your neck

Today, I am buzzing about this really cute Buddha charm necklace from Tina Tang. I don’t know if it will bring instant tranquilty to those … Read the rest

Jet-Set – Or at least live vicariously through the jet-setters.. New book from CFDA

This is the ULTIMATE coffee table book for all those obsessed with both fashion, and travel. I happen to one of them 🙂 A scrapbook … Read the rest

Tom's Shoes- Making a real difference…. fashionably

Yesterday I missed posting about something, that ironically, I had bookmarked, tagged, and planned for almost 2 weeks. But life got in the way, and … Read the rest

You've got James Franco right where you want him

I love James Franco tote— sold out pretty fast, but hopefully if enough crazies email them, they’ll make some more! Genius! Stay tuned – if … Read the rest

Be a WINNER and WIN w/ this t-shirt!

Today’s daily buzz highlights what, in the novelty t-shirt world, and pretty much everywhere else, was only a matter of time. It’ s a little … Read the rest