Buzzed…Weekend Edition 9/6/11

I’ve been a bad, bad girl… I’ve been careless with a delicate blog… This past weekend was jam packed, and fun filled. Good, b/c there’s … Read the rest

Buzzed on a Monday, August 15th, 2011

GOLD MEMBER– Admit it, you’re jealous of my status at Starbucks…. And yet, even at my high stature, I still can’t get them to get … Read the rest

Buzzed is back… Thursday, 7/21/11

Why is it every single year it is the SAME THING- new stories are abound with “killer heatwave” headlines, and ooooh, isn’t this crazy, 4 … Read the rest

Buzzed… Tuesday 6.28

I apologize for the recent lapse in postings.. I just realized my last buzzed entry was last Wednesday. But I can rest assure you, I … Read the rest

Buzzed… Wednesday

Does this come in my size?? Does that come in a size 2?? I just bought the cutest freaking onesie that was ever made for … Read the rest

BUZZED… Tuesday

When something that used to fit, doesn’t zip all the way up, and I have to use my inhaler, because I exerted so much energy … Read the rest

Buzzed… on a Monday

I love this picture of the now famous couple kissing on the ground, caught up in the romance and clearly oblivious to the rioting and … Read the rest

Buzzed…. Friday

  The other night I stole the plate that the bill came on, from the restaurant I was eating at.  I mean, come on, look how … Read the rest

Buzzed… Thursday

Sometimes I get nervous when I see gynecological exams being sold on groupon websites….um really?? ewwwww…… I have officially spent my entire shopping quota for … Read the rest

Buzzed… Wednesday

It’s finally official– The Bee’s are taking over New YORK City! I knew this was coming…YOu dont believe me…. think again…         … Read the rest