Buzzed/Trend of the Day: The Present is a Gift

You know how excited you get to open a newly wrapped present; perfectly pleated wrapped corners, topped off with a big, perfect bow. Well, I’ve always felt that half the beauty of the gift, is the wrapping itself, especially the bow…

And these days, the bow can stand alone. It doesn’t need to be attached to a gift, and it doesn’t need to be hanging from a bag. The look, shape, and design itself can be it’s own form of style. And no fashion brand has picked up on this theory more then Kate Spade, who frequently uses the bow in their designs whether it be on their shoes, wrists, or fingers.

Last year, when I saw these Kate Spade slippers, with big, blue gift wrapped bows on the toes, I became obsessed. For $75, they were a steal, so I bought them, and for $10, had heels put on them.

With Greens and Blues being so big this season, they’re right on track now, for multiple reasons. And in keeping with my theme, I took one of my unwrapped presents from the holidays, grabbed the big metallic blue bow that matched my shoes, threw a long sterling silver chain onto it, and voila… a new necklace that screams, unwrap me!

The gift wrap bow ring is no longer available on Kate Spade, but on sale, is another version, which is definitely worth a bow, or at least a standing ovation……

on Sale at kate spade for $74- click here to buy

And here is the actual ring, worn by Keiko Lynn, on her own blog

And for one more option, try this….

Kenneth Jay Lane- $72 on Pret-a-beaute- click here to buy



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