Buzzed/Trend of the Day…. Annie Get your Gun

I’m not a violent person by nature; I’m a lover not a fighter… usually. But lately I’ve been obsessed with guns. I slung this gun charm that I picked up on Etsy, on a silver chain, and haven’t stopped wearing it since…

Seems the trend is making the rounds, as I recently found another item that surprised and excited me all at once..

Check out how I work the trend, as well as some inspiration….

Inspired from Betsey Johnson’s gun print in the 80’s…. this nail design is killing me….


1985 comes home to roost… with an update on the design… This visually stimulating cardigan will soon be in my closet- at least now, I’ll go out with a bang!!

Betsey Johnson - $114 revolver print cardigan

In fitting with her unique style and personality and outrageous showings, (I myself am a huge fan, and have written before about the Betsey Johnson dress I wore to my prom), her Spring 2012 collection did not disappoint…

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