Buzzed…Weekend Edition 9/6/11

I’ve been a bad, bad girl… I’ve been careless with a delicate blog…
This past weekend was jam packed, and fun filled. Good, b/c there’s lots of stories. Bad because stuff like bills, laundry, cleaning and organizing took a back burner… Oh well, it’s more exciting to live on the cusp of everything right?…. Forgetting the detail that the pile  of clothes in my room is slowly starting to resemble mount Everest….
  • Ikea breakfasts are delicious. And free….
  • It’s fun to practice for mommy-hood while buying things like bed skirts, and coffee cups

If you want to practice mommy-hood bee-style click on to buy these babies

  • Dinner Sunday night at En Brasserie was especially cool. The food was great, but the best part was taking off our shoes, to sit in our own private secluded room for dinner. I love sitting on the floor to eat. Clearly, it does not take much to excite this islander….

This picture sums me up in one nice ironic nutshell…. can you figure out what the giveaway is????

One of these things just doesn't belong here, one of these things just isn't the same

Amazing that getting the bill can almost feel like a work of art… so pretty and colorful…

Nothing better on a Sunday Labor Day weekend on the island, then to end the evening over a nice, colorful piece of goodness that is Magnolia Cupcakes…

Colorful goodness!! Skirt worn as dress: Jones NY. Top: LEI cropped top. Belt: Vintage Calvin Klein; My mother’s closet. Shoes: Chanel. Necklace: custom designed by me on the street

  • This weekend I spent way too much money. Saturday was a Jersey mall day, which as any native islander knows, is very exciting. It’s kind of like how suburb kids feel when they’re finally old enough to drive. I didn’t grow up with a mall. So I was very excited to shop at one, and eat at the food court. Sunday was spent thrifting. Hard. And I will share exactly what I bought, later. I promise…Now 2 problems plague me; I don’t have enough room to put anything anymore, and also, clearly, I have a problem….
  • Now that it’s Tuesday, I have only 1 day left to plan for IFB, and then FNO, BNO, and all the other events this week and next. I am overwhelmed with acronyms, let alone what I’m going to wear every day. Perhaps I should make myself a power point presentation. Sometimes I wish my life was like the beginning of Clueless, and I could just wake up and press a button that would send a army line up of pre-planned clothing on hangers charging down the pike, spinning in front of me and only stopping at my request. Unfortunately, I will have to settle for rummaging through under the bed bags while hangers attack my bed in a sprawling position… This is WAR.

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