Buzzed… Wednesday

  • It’s finally official– The Bee’s are taking over New YORK City! I knew this was coming…YOu dont believe me…. think again…

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  • Toddlers and Tiaras, my dirtiest and guiltiest of pleasures starts again tonight. I don’t know what it is, but those toddlers just crack me up, and I can’t wait. TLC tonight 10 pm!!
  • Do you ever notice how Nail technicians are like car salesman? Always trying to upsell you.. Ahh you want a callous treatment, ooh you need a eyebrow bAAAD… Biatch, paint my toes, and be quiet!! GRRRR….
  • I’m thinking of signing up for a 2 day stylist seminar run by Stacey London. At the end of it if you’ve proven worthy, you are asked to join her staff. Trying to decide if $1200 is a good investment, if it leads to a real future in the business, and ultimately contributes to my success. But how do you know??! AHH…. WWRZD!!! What would Rachel Zoe do?!! My new coined phrase… don’t steal it..
  • I was in K-Mart yesterday picking up some 39 cent cat food for Fred, when I stumbled into the home section. Are you aware that there is really cute bedding at k-mart? Like $40 comforters, and sheets! With summer impending, and my ansiness growing, I’m thinking of re-doing the entire decor and color of my room. Right now, it’s red. I’m leaning towards Blues, and Greens, kinda tommy hilfiger-esque. Really loving aqua colors right now. what do you think
  • DO- OVER in the bedroom

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