Buzzed… Wednesday

  • Does this come in my size??
  • Does that come in a size 2?? I just bought the cutest freaking onesie that was ever made for a steal at Old Navy for my beautiful new niece (Well, actually she’s my cousin, but who needs labels!)…I can’t wait to mail it off…. but secretly, I want it for myself… I wish it came in my size…
  • Thank you to Tina Fey for making me laugh out loud on the subway train this morning, immediately causing everyone to believe I am completely insane…. Thank you Tina..
  • The other night I watched Mommie Dearest on some totally random channel in the 100’s… I remember my mom and I used to quote lines from there, and I would look at her all serious, and growl, ‘Why did you adopt me…’, and then boisterously add, ‘Don’t fuck with me fellas!!” I was 10, but a precocious, young thing. Now, I can’t even watch that movie without thinking back to that, and grinning… If you haven’t seen it, you must. And then immediately go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy all new, wooden hangers.
  • I vow to walk into the John Dory Oyster bar one day this summer, and actually get to eat there, without being told it’s an hour plus wait….. Oh yes, I do…
  •  I wish to be able to buy a new anklet this summer without having it a) break in less then a week, b) fall off my ankle in less then 2 weeks or c) turn my ankle green… Oh, it’s good to have wishes….

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