BUZZED… Tuesday

  • When something that used to fit, doesn’t zip all the way up, and I have to use my inhaler, because I exerted so much energy trying to suck in and get the zipper to the top…. well… that makes me sad.
  • It’s official. I’m totally obsessed right now with blues and greens.
Turkquoise and caicos, and A shore thing, mixed- from Essie
  • ¬†Sometimes, I say, steal a bathrobe from a hotel. It will make you feel better.. Just make sure they’re not connected to those electronic hangers.
  • What I splurged on yesterday… A new striped blue and grey comforter, and rug. It’s not just the summer solstice today, it’s also the Bee solstice- Every few months, my clock needs a rewiring… or a redecorating…
  • Today is the first day of summer. So officially, starting today, time is going to fly by like a blink of your eye…. Why does it always seem to be the fastest of seasons…?


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