Buzzed… Tuesday 6.28

  • I apologize for the recent lapse in postings.. I just realized my last buzzed entry was last Wednesday. But I can rest assure you, I have been buzzed, none the less….
  • So far my vow of shopping abstinence, has shockingly held up. 2 times in one week I fought the urge, a strong one trust me, to purchase something, that I probably could live without. I didn’t buy it. And technically, I’m still alive…. One day at a time…
  • Sometimes, we all need a little morning love…..

    Do I have morning breathe??

  • I’m so upset- Apparently somewhere between the gym and my office, I lost my entire make-up bag? How, might you ask, would one loose an entire bag full of make-up? If you have to ask that, you have clearly never met me….. I am so annoyed, and I’m hoping it turns up in the next day. Otherwise I will have to recreate every product in the bag. What a drag….  What is one the weirdest things you’ve ever lost?
  • Home-made protein shakes are yummy….

    South Beach protein shake in my mason jar glasses


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