*It always helps to start my day with hot yoga at Yoga to the People. What a difference an hour of sweating makes to the whole rest of my day!!
*Found out that one of my best friend’s brothers is getting married, and having a baby.When I saw him six months ago, he was single.Another is engaged, and another is suddenly in a serious relationship. I know this because I read it on Facebook.Seems like lately, everyone around me is going through some kind of change. And yet, I feel as if I stay the same. Sometimes the very thing we fear the most, is really also what we need the most.
*Drank my ultimate breakfast shake from Fuel this morning.The best $8 I ever spent on breakfast, but hopefully it will keep me energized all day, maybe even through the 3 pm slump.
*This year,I am making it a goal to get to Shakespeare in the Park. Now which out of work or work at home friend can I get to stand in line all day in central park??!! hmmmmm any takers?
* I have to schedule a dentist appointment, but I don’t want to, because I know he’s gonna to say we need to take my wisdom teeth out. So maybe I’ll just never schedule another appointment

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