Buzzed… on a Monday

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  • I love this picture of the now famous couple kissing on the ground, caught up in the romance and clearly oblivious to the rioting and pillaging going on around them. The romantic in me shudders, but the cynic in me says, this pic is too good to be true; aka not a publicity stunt. Consider it this generation’s “The Kiss”… in this case, there really is fire in their loins…







  • The Winner of Miss USA 2011, Alyssa Campanella has red hair, and I love that. Seeing as Patti Stanger hates us, we have actually phrases named after us meaning outcast, and problem child, and according to some, we will be extinct soon, it gives me great joy that the most beautiful girl in US, at least for last night, had fire engine locks. Granted, she wasn’t born with them, so she does get to have the goods, without having really earned them by way of childish “firebush” taunting (unlike the author of this post), but she still made the choice to turn, so we’ll still give her some credit. This is an exciting time for the 12% of the population! GO RED!
  • REALLY?? Secret cami?? Are you really going to stick a piece of cloth in between your boobs with a pin, rather then slip on a cute camisole..Have we as a society become that lazy.. Really??
  • I am very seriously considering buying Cindy Crawford’s skin care line, Meaningful Beauty.. The woman has not aged in over 20 years, so she MUST be doing something right, right? That logic, mixed with the fact that I woke up at 4 am, and couldn’t fall back asleep; mesmerized by the Paid Programming on Cindy Crawford’s skin care line glaring into my eyes almost certainly equals an upcoming purchase. If I do, I will document everything, to see if I look the same 20 years from now….
  • What I splurged on this time… The sample sale at J.Crew

From left- Linen white/blue striped shorts, pink tulle/chiffon cardigan - this is for a child, but I have some ideas, colored tweed pencil skirt from J CREW collection $75 marked down from $300, 2 pairs of shoes from the Kid's Collection $45 each, bejeweled necklace $35

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