Buzzed on a Monday, August 15th, 2011

  • GOLD MEMBER– Admit it, you’re jealous of my status at Starbucks…. And yet, even at my high stature, I still can’t get them to get my name right. I have a venti latte for…. Plate… plate, really??!!
  • You know when you start planning out a big vacation, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, that place starts appearing EVERYWHERE… Is it fate, or is it just that we’re suddenly tapped in… I’ve heard of subliminal messages, but this is ridiculous…….


  • Foodparc– Forgive me, as I don’t usually take to negativity, but what the hell are you?? Are you a food court? Are you a beer garden? Or maybe just a park where you can get some deli food and sit outside? Perhaps just a shortcut between 26th and 27th street… Whatever you are- I never want to try and figure it out again. Sorry……
  • TWEET FOR TAT— I did it. The inevitable happened. I joined the rats, sold out, and gave into the “man”. Or, in other words… Joined twitter. Turns out, that was the easy part, and I know in revealing this I am truly dating myself- but as of now, it reads like hieroglyphics… At least it’s a start. Follow me @styleisland.

Have Yourself a Gagalicious Holiday

  • The industry is abuzz today with the news that Gags is collaborating this upcoming holiday ’11 with Barneys; designing limited edition merchandise, in conjunction with their famed store windows. I don’t want to be stoned to death for saying this, but I’m somewhere close to the cusp of being… dare I say it… slightly gaga-ed out. But, one thing I love about the holidays is the Barneys windows (my favorite still were Simon Doonan’s Sex & the City windows), so for that reason alone, I will definitely partake. And Gaga wins again….  Read more at Fab Sugar.
    Or for a different take try the Huffington Post here


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