Buzzed is back… Thursday, 7/21/11

  • Why is it every single year it is the SAME THING- new stories are abound with “killer heatwave” headlines, and ooooh, isn’t this crazy, 4 days in a row are 90 degrees, the city is in a standstill…. Um it’s called New York in August, people!!!
  • Nothing is better then someone else washing your hair. Shampoo girls do not get enough love. My hair is straight again for the first time in 3 weeks and I feel whole again.
  •  Is it wrong to steal some flowers from in front of my apartment, and make my own bouquet in my room?

Flowers in my mason jar









  • I am officially about to buy my first big girl camera… Get ready for much better pictures on the island. All I need now is a boyfriend who is a photographer to follow me around all day long taking impromptu shots of me in fields, at hot dog stands, and randomly on my way to work, in shock when a photo is taken, but still ready for the shot… “oh, hi there, you want my picture?” Sure thinggg…
  • I am missing apple plums. I had them in turkey, and have been craving them ever since. If anyone knows where on this godforsaken island I can get an apple plum, please call, write, or message a dove to me, but get me that plum! Because in my head I’m still in Greece and Turkey, far far away from the shores of reality, I am getting ready to post my travel journal in a few parts. Stay tuned next week for more….

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