Buzzed…. Friday

    • Finally made it to the DVF sample sale but there was nothing good to buy. But I had to get something! Right as I was leaving, found on the sample rack a silk skort (shorts and a skirt in one) in a deep blue satin with ruffly bottom. The size seemed rather large, but what do you remember are my favorite 4 words? I’ll. Make. It. Work.  And now, I’m determined to bring skorts back.
    • I know I may be in the minority, but can’t guys just stick to shoes, loafers, and sneakers!! If your feet aren’t polished, scrubbed, or do have one or more bumps, bruises, or callouses, Please for the love of god, men- don’t wear sandals! A man that wears sneakers on the beach, now that’s a real man….
    • Yesterday on the street, I spotted a girl wearing a pair of monogrammed Tom’s shoes… And now I’m obsessed with monogramming and getting a pair of Tom’s shoes.
    • FLO   RIDA – Not THAT ONE…. THIS ONE….I’m leaving in a few hours for some R & R in Florida, less for me, and more for my friend who really needs it. I intend to spend most of the weekend in RELAXATION MODE. No Craziness…..
    • THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!!!! Who is with me???

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