Buzzed…. Friday


  • The other night I stole the plate that the bill came on, from the restaurant I was eating at.  I mean, come on, look how cute! Usually it’s not until I go international that the klepto in me comes out…. Cups and ashtrays are so much cooler overseas! Take a picture, it’ll last longer… or why not just take it all together, I say…..
  • REALLY?? Walking up or down the stairs of an already overcrowded and packed subway staircase…. reading on your kindle… really?
  • How come my hair looks so amazing when my bestie or a professional blows it out, but when I try to do it, it looks like a straightened frizz ball – what magic is running through their fingers?
  • REALLY?? Anthony Weiner is getting more crucifixed then Arnold and so many other politicians… and he didn’t even have SEX!!! Really……
  • Good things come to those who wait…. For 5 months, I had these Tory Burch wedges on my Bloomingdales online”wish list”, but for some reason I couldn’t pull the trigger. When I finally went back to pull it, all that was left was a 9. You snooze, you lose- it wasn’t meant to be. How karmatic then that yesterday at the Tory Burch sample sale, there they were in all their glory… for half the price!! I rationalized the bargain, and un-wish listed them right away….




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