How to build a personal skincare routine

Having a personal skincare routine is important, but it also comes down to having good genes. However, the things that you do each day to your skin, and daily habits have a big impact too. There are a number of ways that you can moisturize your skin, as well as protecting it from the sun. Ultimately, caring for your skin and the routine that you have is usually pretty personal.

So here are some things to bear in mind when thinking about your personal skincare routine:

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Take some time

There is still no such thing as a quick fix or instant fix when it comes to your skin. Just like anything good, you do need time in order to reap the rewards. Getting good results from your skin will only be seen when there is consistency. You should aim to use a product for at least six weeks, using at least once a day. It takes time to see a difference so be patient with any new skincare products. 

Use both day and night cream

When you are planning to build a new personal skincare routine the costs can add up. Creams applied in the morning help protect your skin from different triggers or stressors in the environment, and contain antioxidants. They are also a much more light consistency.

Night creams instead focus on repairing damage from the day and have a much heavier consistency. They also include retinol which helps speed up cellular turnover and counteract dark spots. They both play important roles, so getting both is ideal.

Give yourself a skincare boost

If you feel like your skincare needs a boost, then booking an appointment at somewhere like Med Spa is a good idea. Facials can work wonders on skin to help to eliminate toxins in the body. If you suffer from dark under eye circles then this is something that can work wonders. Fine lines around your head or your eyes could be fixed with Botox if you’re so bold. Sometimes if you need a bigger boost to your skin, leaving it to the hands of a professional is the best idea.

Learn about eye creams

If you have specific concerns around your eyes like dryness, puffiness, or hyperpigmentation, then it can definitely be a good idea to try eye cream. Do be careful, though, as skin that is around your eyes is pretty delicate.

If you often get inflamed or puffy under eyes, something with caffeine, peptides or hyaluronic acid can be soothing. If you suffer with dark circles around the eyes, then use a brightening product. Something that includes vitamin C or niacinamide can be a good idea. It’s best to avoid eye creams that have strong retinoids in them. These can sting, aggravate, and lead to redness. Scented eye creams can also cause some problems on sensitive skin. 

What is a word of advice that you would add to anyone looking to create a personal skincare routine?

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