Drink Blueberries 2 ways this Blueberry Month 2016

As we all know pretty well by now, every single day and month is now some kind of national holiday. Not that I’m complaining. This month alone has seen National Kissing Day, national hot dog day, national love horses day, bridal day, and of course, the popular National Ice cream day. But it doesn’t end solely at days. Months themselves are also declared celebrations of various things, and in July 2016 we celebrate both Ice Cream (yes, it gets both a day, and a month, its that good!), and blueberry month. Since we’ve already covered ice cream with a fun giveaway you should enter now, lets get to those blueberries. There’s loads of places you can go to get amazing blueberry recipes, and although we frequently feature easy food ideas and creative recipes, I’m going to leave those to some of the pros. What I will offer is this. One; the nugget that is in fact, Blueberry month, ( in case you weren’t already aware), and two, that you can consume it in these two very different, but both equally delicious drinks. One is my favorite morning consumption and the other; leads to mass consumption.

At night: Bungalow 23 Blueberry lemon drop cocktail mixer. These are the easiest drinks in the world, especially for a lazy home bartender like myself. A quick addition of my freezer mainstay, Skinnygirl Vodka to the handcrafted B23 blueberry mixer makes for a really good cocktail in 2 minutes flat. Add a touch of seltzer and some blueberries for even more authenticity, and double the taste. Buy it here, $17.50 



During the day: In your daily Kefir. If you’re anything like me, you love a glass of Kefir. It’s certainly not for everyone; (some may find the taste sour), but for me, it’s a staple. Not only is it creamy and delicious, but it’s the perfect morning bite or snack to keep you going for a while. And with this being their month, it’s the perfect excuse to grab a bottle of Lifeway blueberry kefir and give it a go.


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