Bird bird, bird is the Word

Perhaps Hitchcock was ahead of his time when he made the thriller, The birds in 1963, as it seems that those birds are now having a bit of a moment right now here in 2011. From jackets, to pants, to pins, shirts, etc the bird motif has been cropping up everywhere, from Marc Jacobs, to Urban Outfitters, and I for one am somewhat drawn to their different, yet sometimes dark and mysterious appeal. One of my personal favorites is a silky cream shirt dress from for $89.99

Perhaps subconsciously knowing their time in the spotlight was coming, they’ve been sending signals in the past few months, as different cities have reported thousands of birds falling out of the sky, especially in Beebe (another interesting coincidence?), Arkansas. After all it was chicken little who predicted the sky was falling, but did he know the birds would come with it?

Whether it’s a sign, or a calling, or just a random unexplainable act, these creatures seem to be making quite an impact—Next is the Bee’s moment to really shine—but that’s for another post… For now flock to these styles before they fly off the radar…

Dive right in dress from $89.99

Marc by Marc jacobs jumbled bird tote @ $190.00

Ivory bird print kimono from $100

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