Best Jewish children’s books to celebrate Rosh Hashanah

The island of Manhattan has lots of Jewish New Yorkers, but not all practice. You can’t find each one congregating in temple on a Friday evening. Not all of them practice an ‘easy’ fast. But certain holidays seem to bring us all together. Varying degrees of passions are put aside to honor a new year. There are sweets to enjoy, challahs to braid, and parties to attend. More importantly, there are stories to share with a younger generation. The PJ Library knows the importance of these traditions. That’s why they began in the first place, to create a resource that provides some of the best Jewish children’s books to families worldwide.

The Jewish new year unites everyone in a different kind of way. For Jewish people worldwide, the holiday kicks off on Rosh Hashanah when people wish each other l’shana tova . Or, a sweet new year!

This September, many families will celebrate Rosh Hashanah eating delicious apples with honey and making resolutions for the coming year. Those raising children can kick off the holiday by signing up for the PJ Library. It’s a free program that offers monthly Jewish children’s books celebrating values and teaching about the culture.

A program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, PJ Library sends more than 200,000 books a month to families across North America. Expertly curated, their monthly selections exemplify the best literature.

They offer the best Jewish children’s books certain to capture their imaginations, and pique some interest.

PJ Library welcomes all Jewish families, whatever their background, knowledge, family make-up, or observance. The stories include compelling characters and colorful illustrations that help engage kids with Jewish values, ideas and traditions but on their own terms. Plus, activities and resources are also included so the entire family can learn, create, and play together.


Celebrate the new year by sharing with your family and sign up for the PJ Library today.

the best Jewish children's books for Rosh Hashanah Jewish new year



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