Beeloved Manhattan- Reason # 5 (in no particular order)- Out of the Way Adorable Restaurants

Last Thursday, before heading up to Harlem’s National black theater to see the Adrian Alicea haute couture fall 11 show, I stopped to finally check out the place I had grouponed (I just made up a verb/ pls note: this applies to ANY purchase bought thru a group coupon site, even if it WASN”T Groupon– thoughts?),  so many months prior. In truth, the only reason I even bought the buywithme coupon was the fact that the name of the restaurant was called Bees Bakery. I figured anything with the same name as me, had to be cute so I went for it, and finally, months and months later, on the day of expiration we went to check it out.

Almost hidden away on a random street off of Greenwich, I was greeted by a woman who told me the garden was not yet open, so I planted myself at the front table. After finding that my dining companion had succumbed to the old wiles of the tricky west Village ways, and realized she was at Greenwich street, NOT Ave, knowing I had some time to spare, I ordered us both wine, and was given a plate of potato and cheese croquettes as my gift for being noticed as a patient friend.

We shared crepes, which were amazingly delicious, and then of course, a slice of the favorite, and their specialty, Vanilla cake. The place, which is Brazillian owned, has a warm ambiance with a tiny dining space, but Big personality. Little candles sparkle from brown paper bag covers, and cute little bee drawings surround, on the window and on the cute brown takeaway boxes and cakes themselves. I held back from purchasing a mini honey cake this time, but repeatedly vocalized my love of the place, and vowed to plan some sort of event or party that would warrant me needing party favors in the vein of sweet, bee logoed honey cakes. So from one Bee to another — This is one Hive I’ll be returning to soon….

Places like these are why Manhattan is Bee-loved by me : )

Outside Bee's








Vanilla Cake yummmm

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