Beeloved Manhattan- reason # 3 – Island Love- when your waiter becomes your dater

A busy day at Stanton Social

It’s a common occurrence.There you are, eating your meal, be it brunch, dinner, etc with some friends at fill in the blank, insert any funky restaurant in any funky city, and unbeknown to you, your waiter and server is about to become your Bff several hours down the road. I’m not going to lie. I have either witnessed,been a party to, or the main factor in this event many, many times in many places; Paris, Cusco, Miami, (this one was me, and in my defense, he made the most amazing goat cheese sandwiches, which I still think about), Dc, Chicago, and of course, last but never least New York City, which is where it most recently took place, this past weekend. The place was Stanton Social for a lovely, quiet (well not including our table) Easter brunch w/ 2 close friends, and not too far after arriving, our party of 3 became a party of 4. The Mimosas were flowing, the laughs were flying, and our waiter had taken a seat at our table and become the 4th in our wolf pack. There is more to this story that I won’t share, including the fact that one of us had already met him the previous night, so this ambiguous line between server and eater was familiar territory for him, and considering one of the girls was there again, receiving his umm… service, it wasn’t totally out of left field.
But who are we to discriminate- this Sunday Funday welcomes all creeds, religions, statuses and…. Professions. 3 champagne bottles later, on him, apparently oblivious to the shift he had since put on the back burner, we all made our way to another bar, and continued our afternoon adventures. When he met us outside, it was like in high school when you see a teacher on the street in real life, with normal clothes, with real life people, and for a moment, your worlds cross streams. But he had already become part of the group, and since his real life clothes didn’t seem to disappoint, the day continued… and continued. And continued…
One of the things I love so much about this crazy island is that if open to it, you never, ever know who you’re going to meet, talk to, eat with, share a drink with, and maybe more if that applies.
Any turn of the corner can turn yesterday’s stranger into tomorrow’s friend, or date. And in this case, the person taking your order might soon be the one ordering on your behalf.

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