The BeeFive: Orange you Glad Halloween is Over

October and Halloween are now officially over, but they ended in a stunning display of orange bursts from every direction. Pumpkins displayed everywhere from my own window, to storefronts, to the Pinterest collages you’ve been pinning all week. Pumpkin flavored coffees, beers, doughnuts, Hersheys Kisses, Tic Tacs and anything else you can imagine haunting you in your fall dreams. Bright orange nail colors, and dark red tones seeping into your new repertoire. And because I spent all of this week sick, you can add literal orange juice into the mix. So as the weekend kicks into halftime, I look back on this week’s five, the orangest of obsessions.

1.Pumpkins. Of course, it’s the season of these guys. I especially love the mini ones. Skeleton earrings, Beecharmernyc, available here.

halloween, orange, candy corn, halloween candy, beefive

2. New orange & red nails. And my new favorite orange juice, Simply Orange. I decided to do my nails with a fun, fall twist on the french manicure. I mixed it up with some gold, red, and my Essie orange toned polish. I’ve been so sick all week, and it was a fun half hour diversion, plus it matched my new bff, simply orange oj perfectly.

halloween, orange, candy corn, halloween candy, beefive

3. Empire State Building. It’s especially fun to have a bedroom window that’s view is the Empire State Building. The only downside perhaps, is an immune reaction to seeing it everywhere else. Although, I was stricken, when walking home the other night at how vibrantly orange it was, staring back at me. 

halloween, orange, candy corn, halloween candy, beefive , empire state building, nyc, new york city

4. Candy corn. Damn, I love these little buggers. It took me 32 years to even try a candy corn, but once you do, they become a tad addictive. And yet, how easily we can part with them as soon as the month changes, and apparently so do our taste buds. Thank god the sugary goodness is only around 1 month a year.

halloween, orange, candy corn, halloween candy, beefive

5. Pumpkin flavored everything. You can’t escape it, and frankly, I don’t want to. But now it’s on to bigger and better things like gingerbread, cinnamon and chestnuts.

halloween, orange, candy corn, halloween candy, beefive, sarnac, pumpkin ale,


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