BeeFive: 5 Things ~ Surround Yourself in Spa Week This Weekend

April is Stress Awareness Month, and no one knows stress better than New Yorkers. In between running across busy streets with wobbly coffee cups and poor breakfast choices in hand, we contort ourselves to squeeze onto subway cars, and dart in and out of traffic like Nintendo characters. We throw our bodies into the every day war of life like soldiers on a battlefield; not stopping until our daily battles are fought. And in return, how do we repay those bodies? We don’t, we just keep going, because that’s what city folk know how to do. That is why, when the time presents itself to take a minute, or give a minute back to ourselves, we should listen. That opportunity only comes around once a year, and I’m not talking about Christmas, or date night when the babysitter shows up to give you a reprieve. It’s Spa Week and unlike the holidays, (or your birthday if you’re some annoying people), it does not last all month; only for one fleeting week from April 11th – April 17th (though some salons extend their ‘Spa Weeks’ throughout April). So as this Spa Week moment manifests right in front of you take the plunge and surround yourself with serenity this weekend. There is no better time than the present, plus a few more reasons why a spa week appointment should top your to-do list this weekend.
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1. For only $50 for many high end treatments, it’s one of the BEST times to treat yourself to some beautifying. Between waxes and facials, to a deep tissue massage, there is no end to the services you can book. Just head over to the Spa week site to browse participating salons in your area. Then, filter by your desire of treatment, and voila!! Your pampering awaits….
2. You can destress, if only for an hour. The hustle and bustle goes on all around us; this we all know. But Spa Week makes it easy to disappear from all that, if only for a brief moment. An hour and a half inside the midtown Kur Skin Lab yesterday had me whisked away to a magical massage land from which I almost remained permanently.
3. There are dozens of choices for whatever suits your ‘being good to myself ‘ fancy. Depending on what your body or mind is telling you you need, Spa Week has the answer. Between body, face, nails, and feet there is no treatment left covered.
4. A perfect setting for catching up with someone you don’t see often. Maybe it’s your bestie whose been busy with a new baby, or maybe that person is you, yourself. Either way, an hour out of your house, office, we work space, park or wherever you dwell will most definitely do your body and mind good.
5. It’s a great gift. With Mothers Day right around the corner, this is the PERFECT opportunity to get a gift that is actually an experience; which will all know can be so much better. The Spa & Wellness BLACK gift card is accepted at over 8,000 spa and wellness locations across North America and may be used any time of the year without expiration. Special perks include thousands of spas and hundreds of treatments to choose from, the ability to load in any amount from $10-$500, and the ability to use the card in multiple locations on as many visits as you choose.

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