The BeeFive~ 5 Things: A NYC week chock full of Events!

Through the years my standing as a Nyc social butterfly has changed drastically. I’ve gone from the one with the boyfriend, to the one with the boyfriend… kinda, to the crazy single girl, and now, to homebody. And I couldn’t be happier. But every now and then the lure of “the event” creeps in and gets me. I mostly hold back as part of my pact with myself this year to spend less and stay in more, but every now and then, I have to give in, like when SJP gives a talk at the 92nd st Y… And I guess this week too, where literally everything was screaming at me daily, do me, pay for me, experience me! I was lucky enough to get to attend one of these events for free, but more on that later.

1. Thrive. Arianna Huffington created a movement from her recent book, Thrive, and turned it into a jam packed 2 day event. Tickets go for up to $500, but I was lucky enough to get to attend it for free. Stay tuned on Monday to see how it turned out.

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2. Bloody Mary Brooklyn Festival. So this looks amazing. A spring day filled with bloody Marys in Brooklyn. A year ago, I would have jumped on this email in 2 seconds, forwarded it onto the appropriate parties, and plan the day. But, as I strive to fulfill my goal, alas, I must look away. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it.

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3. Tribecca Film FestivalYou know it, you love it. I used to eat this up, but these days, it’s harder to get my ‘Larry David’ esque man to stand in a Rush line with me. There’s still time left to catch a flick though, so hurry up and log on, find one that suits your fancy and enjoy!

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4. Spa Week. You still have through the weekend to book a $50 spa appointment at one of your local spas before spa week ends officially. To see a Nyc list of spas celebrating spa week for you click here. Personally, I’m preferential to the facials at Red Door myself.

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5. FoodBook Fair at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. You still have all day tomorrow to attend this fun event, now in it’s 3rd year. The 3 day affair brings together foodies, writers, chefs, and publishers to celebrate the relationship between food and our culture. A $45 pass gives you all day access, but in my opinion the can’t miss event is the screening of Laurie David’s Fed Up documentary. I learned about this at Thrive yesterday, and can feel myself already becoming obsessed with changing the way I look at food. Lets just say it involves throwing away a lot of my condiments. Buy tickets to the 10 am event here for $15, and get a copy of her book signed.

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