The BeeFive: 5 Things ~ December Must Haves

Someone defined insanity as the repeating of a pattern over and over again with the same results. But what about when those results are pretty darn great, and the patterns, obsessive but useful? We tell ourselves not to get stuck in repetitive patterns that don’t work, but what happens when we get hooked on the ones that do? Well, apparently nothing, except you wind up spending December with a whole lot of routines. One that includes snuggling in an insanely soft blanket on the regular, and another that includes some major sparkle. These are some of my monthly must haves and obsessions.

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1. H&M sparkly black flats. Ever since I saw the Valentino sparky Mary Jane flats, I thought two things. One, I want these so badly, and two, I wish I had a disposable income to buy these shoes I want so badly. So what do we do in situations like these? The 25 year old me may have even made that purchase, much to the shock of herself and her bank account. The 35 year old me dogears the Vogue Ad, and finds a crazy good copy, like the flats above, available at H&M for $30.

2. You by Caroline Kepnes. In the last couple years, there have been some terrific books out, and because of my longtime book club, I wind up reading an amount that keeps me content. There have been some great reads in recent years, but the reocurring theme lately always seems to be one specific genre; the mystery or thriller. Actually, this theme or genre has fascinated me since childhood. As a little girl I spent hours in the now gone aisles of the upper west side bookstore Murder Ink. Now, I read Gone Girl, Girl on a Train , and the latest mystery that has most recently captivated me. You, by Caroline Kempnes is in the same vein as its aforementioned precedeccesors, and holds it own against the crew. If you love mysteries, and this genre of books, then YOU must read this book. The topic of many book clubs, including my own, the page turner will go fast, simply because you can’t stop reading. Buy it on Amazon here.

3. Vera Bradley animal print blanket wrap. Recently, I attended the Vera Bradley preview to check out their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, and they were nice enough to leave me with some lovely parting gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful for anything a brand, client, or company ever gives me, but sometimes certain things resonate more than others. This wrapped up blanket, handed to me in a gigantic shopping bag, at first seemed like any other gift I may get. That would turn out to be far from true. Because I would come to find out that this leopard blanket is the softest, comfiest, most plush, luxurious accesory you can add to your couch, and your life. Yes, I feel that strongly about it. It makes the perfect gift, although you may wind up never wrapping up this one. $49, at

4. Carmex Limited Edition tubes. Holiday time means busy schedules, and lots of parties, so it also means lots of upkeep and winter fixes. Skin needs to be moisturized more often, as do our lips. So why not add some fun and style to that equation. Carmex knows how to just that, as is evident in their new limited edition holiday collection. It comes in lace, floral, and even gingham. I got to try out the new special collection, and so far I’ve become obsessed with matching them to other things I own.

5. Sugarpova sour spider candies. Ever since I sampled these back on Halloween, (remember Halloween a month ago?), I’ve been a little hooked on the sour, sugary treats. Maria Sharpova’s candy line is actually pretty cool, and has lots of fun products to choose from, including these little sour suckers. They also make a great holiday gift. Stay tuned for more details on this yummy treat.


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