The BeeFive: 5 Things ~ you Need 90s Fest in your Life this Weekend

This weekend, millenials across Brooklyn will scatter to make way for something bigger… or at least, older… We, meaning the generation that created YOU, will get a chance to steal the spotlight for at least a few days as we honor our own heritage with the day long 90s fest this Saturday.

Unless you’ve been living under a pop culture rock, you know that the 90’s are ‘back’ big time. A huge rise in old trends including flowers galore, overalls, doc martens, and crop tops, big comebacks from old brands we once loved, and remakes of popular shows prove that the decade seems to be more influential now than ever. It seems, ironically enough, that in a new digital age, the 90s are playing a large part in our culture. And there can be no greater evidence of this than the culmination of our recent obsession; the emergence of the 90s fest itself. A huge day long event celebrating and worshipping all things 199-whatever, from our music to our fashion, and our movies. Singing the entirety of Shoop with your girlfriends on the rare, drunken, karaoke girls night out is fun, but you know what’s way more fun? Getting together and singing along with the band in a real life rendition. That can happen this weekend, if you so desire! You can also sport a fanny pack, wear your vintage I Love Zak Morris tshirt, and live a real life gangsta’s paradise right in Willimamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Tickets are still available for $75 so grab some now and come join me to relive the fun of decades past. And to think, we had all that fun without one hashtag, tweet, or selfie.

1. The Music. Duh! A lineup that includes Coolio, Lisa Loeb, Blind Melon, and Salt n Pepa is something that you should not miss. It’s like a 90s dream come back to life.



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2. The Fashion. Take ‘festival fashion’ back in time, to an era where your status wasn’t in your selfie, it was in your scrunchie. From fanny packs, to crop tops, babydoll dresses and more, you can spend the day showing off your favorite vintage looks, and even be eligible to win a Y2K survival kit (!), and backstage pass to party with the musical acts. VIP festival attendees can even enjoy neon manicures with The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles accent nail art by Manicube.

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3. The Food. Food that includes some of Brooklyn’s yummiest food trucks from Kimchi Taco, to 2 boot, Coolhaus ice cream and New York Lobster Club.

4. The Fun. As if the entire day of music, movies, food, and fashion isn’t enough, guests can also participate in other fun events throughout the day that keep the 90s dream alive. Some of these include participating in an Guinness World Record attempt at the largest Macarena dance and creating their own Sunny D commercials. Sunny Delight to those who are too young to know the drink, in which case, you probably be confused most of tomorrow.

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5. Nostalgia to take home with you. If spending only one day reliving the fun of your youth just isn’t quite enough for you, take some home with you. The festival will also have a market to purchase sweet swag that includes fashion, candy and more.


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