BeeFive: 5 Things ~ Mothers Day in NYC

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate Mothers Day in NYC, or anywhere for that matter, you should take full advantage of the day. Use it as an excuse to do something you wouldn’t typically do together. Or, even better, do something you would never normally do, like maybe, take a floral arranging class. The whole island bubbles with activities during this holiday; the fact that it’s mostly manufactured, like so many others continuing to blissfully elude is. But even if there is a marketing aspect to the day that honors mom, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still humor it. Here are 5 ways to spend Mothers day In NYC.

1. Flower making and brunch at Ai Fiori. This classy, colorful day at the Setai hotel on Fifth Avenue mixes floral arranging with a first class prix-fixe feast and wine pairing. Learn how to cut, arrange, and create a fabulous, flower bouquet with L’Atelier Rouge while dining on choices like foie gras, scallops, and gelato. I was lucky enough to take the class earlier this month, and I can promise that it is the ultimate in mother-daughter bonding this weekend, even if your predilections are more towards shopping than green thumbs. Classes are at 11, 12:30, or 2 pm. $200. 

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2. Muse Paintbar. For the fun, up for anything duo, Muse paintbar is the spot to spend Mothers day in NYC this weekend. Snack on wine and cheese and create a full, painted canvas side by side. The live tutorials make it easier to paint than you think, even for the total novice, plus seeing how each one winds up is truly the best part.

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3. Cook together. Most of my meals growing up with mom consisted of unpacking Zabars groceries, and some fabulous heat and eat dinners. But today, in my household, I actually cook more nights than not and use my kitchen more than I ever did growing up. That is exactly why I think the idea of taking a cooking class together is such a great idea for Mothers Day, if you can swing it. Cooking classes aren’t necessarily cheap, but it’s always nicer to treat someone special to an experience over an item. This class on Timeout is already full, but there are lots of other options in the city, including the always fun, popular ICE (Institute of Culinary Education).

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4. Movies and brunch. Mothers Day with my mom used to always consist of amazing brunches at Freds, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Petrossian. Times that, looking back now, ooze with city kid bravado but to me just seemed normal. Now, still looking back to those memories, it’s still exactly how I define the day. Brunch at a city landmark, then shopping and a movie. The perfect early spring day in Manhattan. Start your own, new traditions with your mother, or daughter with some of the great noshes in the city.

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5. Day of Beauty. Hit up Red Door or your favorite spa and treat mom to some pampering. Sure, it’s not that original, but there’s a reason it’s such a popular activity on Mothers Day. The majority of women love to be pampered, even more so when someone else is footing the bill. So, no matter what your budget, whether it’s luxury, or just your basic $20 manicure and pedicure, (which by the way, is nothing to shake at) spread the love, and the beauty around.

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