The BeeFive ~ 5 Things: Mini Moment

We already know the old addage that good things come in small packages. Being barely on the cusp of 5’1, I’ve maintained belief in that saying my whole life,  but I’ve also lacked confidence from it as well. This week, however, all that was different. I found myself obsessing over all things small. From mini doughnuts at my favorite NYC doughnut spot, to walking down Bleeker Street past 3 designer windows in a row showing Fall 15 bags barely bigger than a doughnut, minis are certainly having a bit of a moment. Even the International guild of miniature artisans is holding their annual miniatures show this weekend. For this week’s BeeFive, here are 5 things mini to check out. From food to beauty, it’s proof that sometimes old sayings are right, and for right now at least, small, is definitely big.

1. Mini Travel sizes. In the old days, sample sizes were not enough to ellicit excitement, but in today’s world, where the monthly subscription box reigns supreme, the sample size is something to covet. Why own one expensive product, when you can try out several small ones each month? Though I currently belong to zero subscription boxes, I’m certainly intrigued by them. As for the little vaselines, the minis have succeeded in making something quite small and simple in nature, fun again. From the bedazzled versions this past holiday, to a bright pink one, these little guys are smooth operators.


2. Laughing cow wedge. Right now, I’m trying to get my house back on track with a food plan but that is never an easy task. Beginning to replace junk food with other easy snacks, like Laughing cows, and veggies and humus is a perfect way to start small, and head towards bigger goals. I find the best way to tackle any mountain in life, is to begin from the bottom and work your way up.

3. Mini Bags for Fall 15. We’re closely approaching the BIGGEST fashion week of the year, and ironically, this season, the IT bag is small. From Marc Jacobs, to Burberry, and Mulberry, everyone is showing tiny bags with big hardware and even bigger personalities. I was fully convinced when my lastest email from Elyse Walker’s Forward site showed mini bags front and center. Years ago, the Dior mini baguette was the hottest thing on the arms of both Carrie Bradshaw, and real life NYC socialities. And as we all know, style, like other things, always comes full circle. Shop the mini collection at


4. Mini Dough dougnuts. Pair with a glass of milk for ultimate satisfaction, and less guilt. Or at least a little less guilt.
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5. The Show for the International Guild of Miniature Artisans Aug 8th and 9th. This weekend, the guild of miniature artisans will join forces for their annual Guild show, where they will showcase their amazing works, hold special events, teach classes and have a silent auction. Dozens of dealers will feature mini works of art, from glass food displays, to dollhouses, and figurines. The 2 day event takes place in Teaneck, NJ, is accessible by bus, and only a short hour from New York City.

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