BeeFIVE: 5 Things ~ Have a fun, Affordable July 4th weekend in NYC

I’ve been saying it for a while now, but my view on city life during the holiday weekends has really changed as I’ve hit my mid thirties. While a decade ago, I would have been galavanting around the Hamptons, or some other fabulous, at the time, destination, now I’m happy to remain put; put at home that is. Maybe it’s partially the fact that we’re saving for a wedding, but it’s also that the allure of a quiet city now excites me. Though at one time I would have preferred to be with the crowd, when you’re a team of two, it’s all the crowd you need. And I kind of like that we have the island at our fingertips, void of people dawdle, or anger us. If you also happen to find yourself around town this weekend, here are five things to do on your July 4th weekend in NYC.

1. Ride in the classic Ghostbusters car. If you’re LUCKY enough to be  in the city this weekend, that’s right I said lucky, then you can brag to your friends about your sweet new ride. Because for a very limited time, Lyft, trying to edge out their feisty competitors, is being all cool and releasing these vintage station wagons reminiscent of the Ecto-1. Request your ‘lyft’ this weekend, and get the car at your call, complete with vintage snacks like Hi-C and of course, Twinkies. The rides go this Friday and Saturday, (also in Boston, LA, San Francisco and Washington, DC) and there’s no guarantee yours will be the lucky one.

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2. Go to a free Ice Cream party. This Saturday afternoon hit up an ice cream social courtesy of Bask New York in downtown Manhattan. The party will include live music, games, and free ice cream, including the now infamous Black Tap. More info at

beefive - 5 things- july 4th weekend in nyc

3. Watch Jaws and eat dinner at the Crosby St hotel movie club. Wanna be a super cool New Yorker this July 4th weekend? Then you’ll definitely want to do this. $55 with 3 course dinner. More Info below. 

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4. Go to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. Who can resist this food fair, especially when it will be significantly less crowded than usual being the holiday weekend. Trendy hybrids may or may not be included but overload of New Yorkers won’t be. More info here.


5. Watch the Fireworks. Because although it’s the most obvious of July 4th weekend activities, how can you include a Fourth of July to-do list without including them! So, if you find yourself inhabiting the island this holiday weekend, and you don’t mind large crowds (unlike myself) then bring yourself over to the East side on Monday. Head to DNAinfo to get more details. Or, if you want more of a formal celebration including some city fare, then head to the water for a reserved spot at Industry Kitchen. The South St Seaport restaurant provides a gorgeous view for the fireworks, and for $238 you can have a prime spot in front of them all night, plus a buffet and 4 hour open bar. Let the show begin!!

beefive - 5 things- july 4th weekend in nyc , ny fireworks, july 4th fireworks nyc

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