BeeFive: 5 Things ~ January Must Haves

A few January must haves to start off the winter.






1. Schutz Sparkly boots.  These days certain brands seem synonymous with bloggers, especially upon entering the Insta- universe. The internet is a vast play land for everyone to partake in their passions be it style, documenting every food bite, or err… other proclivities. And while massive options lay upon us, we see certain looks again and again. In that vein, I always thought of Schutz shoes as coveted by many, worn and photographed by Insta-famous bloggers. Remember that colorful Tassle tie sandal that you coveted with each like, and click this summer? It’s not that I couldn’t afford to snag a pair. More like due to their popularity with the cool kids they would somehow elude me. That was until I woke up, discovered MyHabit, and found a pair of Schutz tan sequined boots well under $100, and resembling a style I’ve been coveting and searching for since the 9 year old me saw Desperately Seeking Susan. The Moral of this story? Schutz, unlike all those Chanel, perfect Coffee pictures, and Kylie Jenner wannabe lips are totally applicable to your real life.

2. Maison Jules sweater. Right before the holidays got underway; now almost a distant 2015 memory, I attended a Fabulous French fete at Laduree in Soho. The smell of macarons and champagne wafted through the Parisian cafe out onto the city street while inside, we celebrated the arrival of Maison Jules Pieces of Paris collection. When I arrived home, I was practically Jean Seberg, sans cigarette and Belmondo. To accompany my Franchophile spirit; a new Maison Jules sweater, Parisian inspired tray (but more on that later) and loads of amore to last me well into the new year.

3. Big Magic. Elizabeth Gilbert’s inspirational book was at the top of everyone’s must read list last year, but I’m taking the time to really read it this year.  So many ideas, goals, thoughts and t0-do’s hit my mind every day from the moment I wake up, like so many out there. In the upcoming year, I’m going to take time to finally try to harness all four of those things on a daily basis. Or at least one of them on a daily basis. Baby steps…..and big magic are in the works.

4. Vaseline Intensive Care spray moisturizer. The newest from my favorite invention ever, spray-on lotion, is Vaseline’s Intensive Care Advanced Repair moisturizer. This spray is slightly heavier than its predecessors, but has twice the power, and works just as fast and effectively. Just because we’re finally bundling up, doesn’t mean we should neglect our skin. Especially when Vaseline is making it this easy. Stay tuned for more on what makes this stuff a 2016 winter essential including a giveaway. Available at Walgreens, $7.50. 

5. Leftover Holiday snacks. I know, I know, 2016, or at least the first month of it, everyone falls all over themselves about their healthy ‘resolutions’. I resolve to eat better, I resolve to take walks with my family. Well, you know what? Since most of those go out the window within 30 days, I’m keeping it real and starting off January by finishing off December. Literally. No one ever said freezing a Christmas tree wasn’t proper end of year disposal.

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