BeeFIVE: 5 Things ~ Lazy Summer Weekend Ideas

Summer is jam packed with activities, whether you’re single, a couple, or a family. This summer, the theme that stands out for our home is definitely music. We’ve been to a concert almost every weekend, (but more on that later). In my twenties, I thrived on this type of packed, busy schedule. As we all well know, people, especially New Yorkers deem time a commodity and a symbol of some kind of status. The less time you have to spare, the supposedly more successful in life you will be. But even once in a while in my twenties, and now, almost all the time in my thirties, I value my down time. I don’t just value it, I prioritize it. And lets face it, summer has a way of making us much lazier. So when we realized this weekend would be our first in July actually staying local, with zero plans in sight, I didn’t shrug, or feel any version of FOMO. Instead I anxiously awaited that moment where pure happiness would equal a girl, her guy, and her couch. Even when I was single I enjoyed my lazy days, but there is certainly something about a lazy summer weekend with your partner in crime that is hard to top. Especially with the current heat waves making a Sunday cool inside a much more appropriate choice. Though some of this weekend’s plans include personal goals, others are lazy summer weekend ideas that anyone who finds themselves inside on a weekend should add to their list.

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1. Stay indoors and binge watch shows.We haven’t yet watched Netflix show Stranger Things, but after seeing a few things, I’m excited to get into it this weekend. We’ve already put it at the top of our viewing calendar, and I look forward to seeing what all the buzz is about.

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2. Creative Coupling. One of my most favorite things about lazy weekends indoors is spending quality time with my love, hanging together but creating separately. I like to affectionately refer to this as creative coupling. I was raised by an artist, and most of my life was spent in front of art at some point or another. How ironic life is that not only would I wind up writing every day, but I’d wind up marrying an artist. There’s nothing more exciting than being passionate about creativity within yourself. Seeing another person that you’re in love with being equally passionate about something takes it to another level.


3. Order in your fave local fare. Ours is Whitmans. The laid back burger joint has become one our favorite neighborhood spots, and in this rare case, takeout is almost as good as dining out at the restaurant. That doubles when the weather is storming outside, and you’re cozy inside.


4. Lounge around. Ever since Tani Usa sent me a pair of their luxuriously soft silk cut micro fabric leggings, lets just say I’ve made them my new home uniform. They’re so lightweight and comfortable, yet putting them on in the morning still makes me feel like I’m ‘getting dressed’. (Seems silly, but this is important for a freelancer). At the same time, they’re perfect for when you want to do zero work, and lots of lounging.


5. Finalize our venue. An impending wedding in January is slowly approaching, but I still haven’t even booked our venue. Now that the research, blood, sweat and tears chapter is finally over, and I can finally make peace with stopping, the hard part comes next; decision making. If all goes as planned, we’ll be heading off into Monday, and August with a huge decision made, and advance to step two as the game continues.



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