BeeFive: 5 Things ~ My Friend Frida or Frida Kahlo Love

Frida Kahlo is having a major moment this summer, and though it’s mostly exciting, there is this weird, small part of me that doesn’t want her to get over exposed. Becoming a fixture on stylish Instagram glossies; especially with a special selfie at the Botanical Gardens show, and what I’m guessing is endless tutorials by young beauty mavens showing us how to master the unibrow.
That said, I’m no less excited to go visit the new exhibition Frida Kahlo: Art – Garden- Life, at the NY Botanical Garden, the first here in ten years, and the first one I’ve seen in eight. The last time I travelled all the way to Philadelphia to see her grand scale exhibition in 2007. I’ve never stopped admiring, or being inspired by my favorite artist since then, and now in 2015, I’m again, gearing up for the summer of Frida.
My Friend Frida: Frida Kahlo Love

Rupert Sanderson white sandals
$1,065 –

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My own shirt. Years ago, my mom made me mine. But now, you can find Frida shirts with just one click of a mouse. Check out the above collage for a few options. 

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