The BeeFive: 5 Things ~ end of NYFW 2015 Survival Kit

It’s officially the end of NYFW 2015. Time to end another Fashion Week, decompress and go back to normal life. But not without some much needed necessities to satiate your thirst, hunger, health, and beauty. Here are five things I’m focusing on at the end of my fashion week.

What would be in your survival kit?

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1. COMPEED Blister Cushions. What is the number one ailment among all fashionistas by the last friday of fashion week? of course, tired, and aching feet. New York City is a city very much ruled by status, and much of that status has to do with your feet. The less hurt your feet, or the more naked they are, the higher the probability that you spend most of your time perfecting your ‘Eva Chen’ in the back of an Uber. Or even better, you ARE Eva Chen. During NYFW, black cars are even more ubiquitous than usual. Similar to the old addage of soft hands having never done a hard days work, the unhurt, un-bandaided foot is one that hasn’t truly walked a mile in a NYFW fashionista shoe. And I much prefer some war wounds for my work, as long as I have Compeed blister cushions to help me at the end of the day. The new line from Johnson & Johnson uses hydrocolloid technology, whatever that is, to make a bandaid that actually stays on your foot. Good news, seeing as I’ve been on a lifelong search for a bandaid that actually sticks. COMPEED is the #1 selling blister product in Europe, and now it’s finally available here! The bandaids hit U.S. stores recently, and can be found at Walgreens starting at 7.99.

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2. Refresh with Dickinsons Witch Hazel Wipes. Dickinsons has evolved a lot since that bottle of witch hazel, which I, personally, still have in my medicine cabinet, old school gal that I am. But I was recently reintroduced to them at an event, and turns out, the brand has evolved in a big way. Their cleansing cloths are just the trick after a long day, or for a recharge from gym to office or dinner. $6.99 at

3. Refresh not just your face, but your thirst with Belvoir. This drink company, I swear, had me in mind, when it was conceived. Being that St. Germain and champagne, now, more like st. Germain and soda is my favorite drink, I’m obviously obsessed with Belvoir. Their fruit farms are renowed for the elderflower drinks, which they’ve been producing for over 30 years. Since it’s my absolute favorite, I constantly stock Belvoir in my fridge, especially the original Elderflower flavor. And apparently I’m not the only one. The bubbly drink was a constant mainstay at events.

4. Revitalize hair with Not your Mothers Clean Fresh line. Give your hair a break from all the pulling, pressing, and primping with some freshness. The Not Your Mothers line has so many great products, and the Clean Fresh dry shampoo will revitalize your hair after a long week, and in between a hectic schedule.

5. Refuel with a snack like Kettle Chips. I forget to eat many days, and we already know that so much of the fashion world purposely doesn’t. But luckily, there seemed to be plenty of Kettle chips around for easy, quick refueling. And for obvious reasons. They’re delicious. 

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