The BeeFive: 5 Things ~ Beauty Products to Keep For Fall

Seasons change and the time comes to redo your cosmetics bag, change your palette and switch over to new, fall products. But for certain things, you just have to accept their year round presence in your arsenal of beauty and care. Certain staples you can never part with, even when you have to part with falling snow, or killer heatwaves. This may be different things to everyone, but here are at least five beauty products to keep for fall that I definitely recommend leaving close by.  It’s nice to know in today’s day and age, some things don’t have to change. And whether it’s an original, or a newer, updated formula, some classics never go out of style.


1. Vaseline Spray Moisturizer. Although it’s definitely even more enticing in the summer months, when legs are more bare, and on display, this spray moisturizer is amazing all year round. The quick acting, fast dry formula is perfect for busy girls, and lazy, busy girls like myself who may not have the time to fawn over themselves for hours. But you do have the time to give yourself at least 5 minutes of tender, loving care, and that’s where this comes in. The cocoa butter is great for summer, but the new line is perfect for fall. More on the new collection from Vaseline soon.

2. Sally Hansen Airbrush after tan. Everyone loves a summer tan, no matter how we go about getting that glow. But the best way to make it last, at least until the foliage? There are lots of fancy, expensive dept store products that promise to extend your tan but the $3.99 Sally Hansen after tan is the best one I’ve seen yet.

3. The Twistband ties. The best way to tie back your hair, and prevent breakage. Take it from sandy, beach braids straight into sleek, fall ponytails.

4. Sally Hansen airbrush legs. In New York City, fall cools everything off, but lots of summer temperatures continue to sneak through weekly. And since fashion contradictions like sweatshirts and shorts, or turtlenecks missing sleeves seem to increase in the months between September and November, it’s even more reason to keep products around like Sally Hansen’s airbrush legs. Keeps legs beatiful, for those days when a cozy cardigan sounds perfect, but covering up totally just won’t do.

5. Dove Summer care line. This summer Dove came out with their special summer care collection, and has been a mainstay in my shower ever since, especially favored by my boyfriend, who likes to keep things simple. He is happy with nothing more than a bar of soap, and yet even he couldn’t deny how awesome the new one was! It may be the end of the line for summer, but not for our summer care. We’ll keep using that long past the end of the season.


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