The Beefive: 5 Things ~ Weekly Winter Essentials

We all know how obsessions can take over our daily routine, from our favorite cup of joe at the local java joint to that new pair of jeans that, despite the dozens in our closet, we continue to keep on daily rotation. It’s these little details that, though they may seem insignificant shape our day and become our weekly winter essentials. And when the seasons change, so do they. So how do you break these cycles? In most cases you don’t have to. Because after you’ve pinpointed the addiction, before you can do anything about it, you somehow move on. Something new catches your eye, heart, or palette, and just that you’ve moved on. We may not be fickle about the big things, like who we love, or laugh with, but sometimes we can remain so about the little ones.

1. Eat Pastry Eggless cookie dough. Every since my friend brought over eggless cookie dough she made earlier this year, I’ve been wanting to take another stab at it. Then I overheard Kathy Lee and Hoda; my daily background noise talking about the exact same thing, and again, realized I need to try this. This week I finally went to Whole Foods to find the now inked in my brain dough. After asking three people with no answers I finally came face to face with Eat Pastry gluten free cookie dough. Though we just met, we’ve already become quite close. But more on this relationship to come later in food buzz… 

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2. Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift. I found this going through one of my recent gift bags, and two weeks later, I can’t believe I’ve ever lived all these years without it. The instant eye lift eye brightening pen dabs under your eye, and instantly brightens up your eyes! I’ve always felt I’m a lost cause for these so – called solutions, but I also recently learned a seemingly small detail that turned out to be an amazing piece of information; dab on your eye cream with your ring finger. Wow. That piece of knowledge mixed with the Trish McEvoy pen is a formula that will definitely brighten up your day 100%! Buy it for $38 at Blue Mercury.

3. New neon pink necklace courtesy of Sears Style. A pop of color during the dreary week of weather.

4. Dolce & Gabbana radiance moisturizer. The gilded radiance cream costs over $100 at Saks, but as a Vogue Insider, I got to receive a sample. Although it’s a small tester, I’ve been using it daily, and have found that a dab does quite a lot. Check it out at Saks, $129.

5. Elizabeth Arden lipstick. Recently, I got to view the new Elizabeth Arden holiday lip collection and try out the new beautiful color moisturizing lipstick which comes in an array of vibrant colors and lasts up to 12 hours, while keeping the lips moisturized all day long. As luck would have it, the color I got and have been wearing is Beauty, a reddish brown that I find quite comparable to the now Pantone color of the year, Masala. Good timing and lucky me to already have some beauty items I can use. $25, Elizabeth Arden.


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