BeeFIVE: 5 Easy ways to Prepare for Vacation

One of the hardest parts of planning a vacation, after it’s planned of course, is waiting for it to happen. Sometimes we schedule trips months, even a year in advance. Other times, we fly by the seat of our pants, booking last minute trips to Vegas, or surprising a love with a weekend getaway. Whatever the timing or occasion, waiting for that coveted date can sometimes be frustrating; especially during that last week before you go. It somehow always winds up feeling like it’s lasting FOREVER. Rather than going through the motions, use that time to prepare for vacation properly. Instead of letting the days till your trip tick away, take back that time and put it to good use.

Anything amazing is worth waiting for, so instead of being impatient, use it to your benefit instead of your disadvantage. Start getting excited for your trip, instead of annoyed at how long it’s taking to arrive. Use time for self care instead of a countdown. Not only will you feel much happier, but you’ll find your vacation arriving faster than you thought. Remember that old saying, a watched pot never boils? Well consider your getaway a pot, and stop paying attention to it now. Here are five ideas for how to prepare for vacation this summer, even when it feels a million miles away.


1. Get ready to reveal more skin than usual by prepping beforehand with Dove’s Go fresh Revitalize wash. Dove soaps and body washes come in lots of great scents, and varieties but the Revitalize line is perfect for prepping skin before the beach. The body wash literally feels like a spa experience in your shower, leaving your skin feeling cleaner, and brighter. Plus, the mixture of mandarin and tiare flower, besides smelling great, actually leaves your skin feeling more vibrant after use. Use the body wash at home, and bring the bar in your travel bag.


2. Embrace your natural beauty, whatever that might mean. For me, it’s acknowledging that I wasn’t born with gorgeous, just blown out perfectly, straight hair. Maybe for you it means admitting you actually don’t ‘wake up like this’. Whatever it means to you, embrace it. Life is too short to rock a blowout and perfect makeup to the beach. Unless that is truly what you love, in which case, go right ahead. For me, through the years, I’ve started to use my beach vacations as an opportunity to be my real self; crazy curls and all.


3. Keep the calendar date circled in plain sight. This may seem like a super small detail, and it is, but it also works. Rather than making you anxious, use the impending date to build excitement. It might even mean crossing off the days with a big X in a rather cliched fashion.


4. Prepare for vacation with a little self care. Maybe that means stepping up your skincare, or taking the time to exfoliate with a great scrub. Maybe it means five rounds of yoga and pilates and a killer soundtrack. Whatever it means to you, use this time wisely and well.

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5. Make to-do lists. No matter how much you prepare for vacation, you will undoubtedly be running around last minute for something. Cut down on wasted time and last minute scurrying but making organized and complete to – do lists a week or two before vacation. Even if you don’t stick to everything, or even if you have to write it down ten more times until you cross it off the list. It will make it that much more likely you can spend your last moments before you leave relaxing instead of stressing. And isn’t that what vacation is all about.


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