BeeFIVE: 5 Essentials for a Long Flight

We all have that love/hate relationship with the long, or red eye flight. There’s the overnight factor, making travel a little easier, or maybe a little more convenient. But there’s also leg cramps and round the clock airline food. Either way, if you’re going a long distance, a red eye tends to be a preferred option. For those taking a Honeymoon that brings them across the globe, it can be a necessity. But while it seems Airline issues and scandals are at a shocking high, it also feels wrong to complain too much. We are after all, on our way, most likely, to somewhere pretty good, and shouldn’t that really be what we’re focusing on? Nevertheless, because those flights can still be torturous, sometimes mentally or physically, here are some essentials for a long flight that will at least help.

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1. Comfy leggings. These are one of the key essentials for a long flight, if you ask me. There’s no denying the glamour of some airport style, and the women who can pull it off. Bravo for them, but for me, comfort is key. Style comes second. Luckily, these days you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other anymore. Below, Juicy Couture Sweatpants, Runner up, these luxe leggings from Tani.

2. Headphones. They still give out earbuds on International flights, and even for free! Seems like everything on an airline is charged these days, so why not celebrate the small victories. That being said, you’ll be happiest if you bring your own. Below, Frends

3. Travel stress relief and jet lag Remedy. I received the H Gillerman Organics natural rest travel remedy in a gift bag recently. It’s essential oil blends are supposed to ease travel aches and jet lag. Knowing my honeymoon destination would bring both, I decided to bring it along. I had no idea what kind of can of worms I was opening. When we arrived, achey, and fatigued, I whipped it out and started rolling the lemon goodness on my neck. “What’s that stuff?” my husband asked. I showed him, and from that moment on, he was like a junkie waiting for his next fix. That night, after a long, full, first day he leaned over to me, and whispered in my ear. “Can i ask you something?” “Anything, my love”. “Do you have some more of that roll on stuff for me??”

4. Cool passport cover. You’re going to be using this thing a lot. You may not be sure what they’re actually looking at, or if they looked at all. But rest assured, you will open and close your passport several times. So make sure you do it with some style on top. Kate Spade, $78

5. Luggage tags. My mom would always annoy me to fill out my luggage slips and she’d buy me cute, little tags to put on my suitcase. I never understood why she cared so much. Now, I do. Duh, it’s common sense. No luggage tag is just like asking the gods of fate to somehow misplace your baggage. Do yourself a favor and pick one up. The free airport ones rip apart, but this will stay put, each and every trip. Plus, it gives you yet another opportunity to show off some personal style. Samsonite His & Hers Luggage tags,

travel essentials, essentials for a long flight, red eye flight, long flights, honeymoon travel


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