The BeeFive: 5 Creative Ways to Show Love this Valentines Day

Show someone you give a shit this Valentines day, no matter what their role is in your life. You don’t have to have a helicopter waiting, or an impossible to get reservation. This isn’t 50 shades of Grey. In reality, it may seem trivial, or cliche, but as the Beatles wisely said, all you need is love. So in honor of not money, not status, not covet, just love, here are a few ways to show you care. From a simple bottle of red to share, to a loving latte, the tiniest gesture is sometimes what makes the biggest impact.

1. A bottle of bordeaux. Get more info on this wine. 


2. A gorgeous cup of coffee art.  


3.  A card in the mail. Top ten feeling, wouldn’t you agree?



4. A Lego flower. They last longer than the real kind, and like love, you have to take time to put it together… hopefully together.

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5. A DIY “favorite thing” or Essentials gift basket. There has never been an easier or better gift, especially for Valentines Day, in my opinion. I spent $20 at Michaels and got a basket, stuffing, and a few crafts and trinkets. Then I stuffed the basket with some of his favorite little things, but also necessities. A Reese’s chocolate bar, mixed in with his favorite Dove soap. Got2B gel, because you always need a little hair sculpting handy. Carmex chapstick because it’s something guys need that they never seem to buy for themselves, and this stuff is amazing, especially in the winter. I added in a little stress ball, and some treats, and topped it off with a new wallet. When I was a little girl, I remember my mom making gift baskets for me, and now I’m excited to pass it down to my child, er, pre-husband.




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