Back in the Saddle Again… Saddle shoes reborn for a new generation in 2011

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with this one pair of shoes. My mom got them at Little Ritchies, a specialty kid’s shoe store on ave A- When you bought a pair of shoes, they gave you a lollipop, and my mom took me there all the time- I also specifically remember a pair of red patent Mary Janes. Those are the types of stores from my childhood I really miss when I look up at all the condos, these days.

But these shoes were black and white saddle shoes and my tiny feet wore the hell out of them. I can’t remember what happened to them, but years later, when I was in my mid to later twenties, though I can’t remember why, or which idea or image triggered this, I suddenly became obsessed with having them again. It’s hard to believe with all the colors, styles, and options that are out there today, but at the time, they were so scarce that I couldn’t locate a pair anywhere. Finally in a desperate attempt, I went back to the tried and true method and option., the ultimate worldwide thrift store.$20, and 5 days later, in a brown crushed box, my new shoes arrived. And you know what- I wore the hell out of them all over again – and still am. I usually get lots of comments about how cute they are, and when asked where I got them, I actually admit, proudly, ebay. Last year, figuring two times a charm, I went back again, this time to, another mecca for unbelievable finds, and wound up nabbing an awesome pair of brown and white saddle shoes for $15.00. I wore them yesterday with black skinny pants, and a red gingham shirt, affectionately referred to as a picnic tablecloth.

Black skinny pants- Gap, Red Gingham shirt- Old navy $10, tan saddle shoes, vintage- $15










But these days,everything is different, and you don’t need to go vintage or old school to find your perfect pair of these. Saddle shoes have taken over the market from all angles, none more prevalent then the feminine menswear look. Whether you want color, a heel, a cutout, or just traditional, there is something for everyone. Lollipop not included.

Jeffrey Campbell Green/white wingtips- - $103









These are a little bit more expensive, but so cute and with denim accents

LUXURY CHIC- Cole haan saddle oxford- - $198









These are a new take on an old style and the price is right

Keds Women's Champion Saddle Fashion Sneaker- - $50








Patent ones create a sleeker look w/ rolled jeans and a white oxford

Beige patent saddle shoes- Forever21- $22.80











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