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Although pursuing my passions of writing as a full time career and lifestyle has its challenges, there’s plenty of times I realize it can be pretty awesome. I get the opportunity to not only try amazing products of all kinds, but I also get to attend and cover some truly amazing events. A lot of times these opportunities come to me, and other times, I go to them. In this case, I was so taken with her new book, Thrive, that when I read about an all day Thrive event with Arianna Huffington and many more, I immediately wanted to experience and write about it.

Granted permission to that amazing opportunity, I got to attend Thrive this past Friday, and from 9 am till 530 I learned all about thriving in today’s world. The event, based on Huffington’s new book, is all about not just living, but thriving in your life based on the third metric. That is the basis of an all star day broken down into 4 panels, or chapters; well being, wisdom, wonder, and giving.

The day began, in the early morning at the City Center, and we all watched hosts Arianna Huffington and Mika Brzezinski wake up and get out of bed, literally, from a beautiful bed on stage. That bed eventually would be given away to one lucky audience member. The beautiful Miri Ben- Ari sparked the show with her violin set, and Julianne Moore opened the first panel, discussing work life, family and she, and all of us, can balance it all.

Some of the days major highlights included Laurie David and Katie Couric on their new documentary, Fed Up, an expose on the sugar industry, in a discussion I found eye-opening. After hearing Katie talk about low fat and what it really means, I went home and threw away all my cheap tomato sauce and low fat salad dressing. Ali Wentworth provided some major comic relief, and there were some amazing speakers, like Panache Desai. He spoke to us about our souls, much like he does in his new book, Disovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion, and Joy. A talk by Brad Meltzer about what we would want our obituaries to say closed the show, and kept the audience captivated till the end.

Several breaks allowed for lunch, some complimentary treats, and a chance to as they said, “mingle with fellow thrivers”. I actually wound up meeting some pretty great people, including a writer for the washington post and 2 successful women and lifelong best friends who I talked business with all the way through the intermission. We exchanged info, and I have to say, my normally shy self seemed to be in fact, thriving. Maybe there was something to this whole thing after all.

In the end, I don’t how the rest of the audience was feeling, and I have a feeling there was probably a lot of mixed reactions, but I for one, was happy and optimistic for the future. There is an easy cynicism one can take with this. I, however, have always been one for open mindedness, and I’ll take my optimism anywhere from a spiritual retreat in Colorado to Arianna Huffington telling me herself.

As we learn to thrive, according to her, there are 12 rules we should take away from the day, and use to continue thriving every day. They are:

1. Vow to get 7 more minutes of sleep each day.

2. Move your body.

3. Introduce 5 minutes of meditation into your day in some small way, every day.

4. Listen to your inner wisdom, and let go of something draining your energy.

5. Start a gratitude list with your friends.

6. Turn off your devices at night.

7. Focus on the rising and falling of your breathe for 10 seconds when you need a moment.

8. Pick an image that inspires you. When you are feeling blah, or down, think of that image.

9. Forgive yourself for any judgements on yourself or on others.

10. Practice small gestures of kindness.

11. During the day, make a connection with someone you wouldn’t have, normally.

12. Use a skill or talent you have to help someone who can benefit from it.

thrive-ariannahuffington-event-inspiration Arianna and Mika in bed with Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr. Richard Davidson discussing well being thrive-juliannemoore-thirdmetric-event Julianne Moore signing her new children’s book My mom is a Foreigner, but not to Me thrive-juliannemoore-thirdmetric-event the D&G Thrive #Awaken Shirt

I know that I feel better then I have in a long time, maybe ever. I’m making less money then I was a year ago, but I’m happier, and I have given myself the freedom and for once, the confidence to try and make my dreams and passions a reality. It’s not an easy road, but nothing in life is, as I’ve already learned. And continuing to learn and love more and more each day is how I thrive.

How do you thrive? Tell me and you could win your own, gorgeous D&G Thrive collectible floral t-shirt. Dolce and Gabbana specially collaborated with Thrive, along w/ Ceo and panelist Federica Marchionni to create this one of a kind t shirt for the Thrive event. You can’t buy it anywhere, but you can win in here!!


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  • Okay, your post has inspired me! Thanks for the event recap. Sounds like a wonderful time with great reminders of how to do more than just live.

    • so glad you were inspired! don’t forget to enter to win the D&G tshirt from the day!

  • This sounds like a great way to spend the day! I started my blog a year ago and have been regularly creating since then. Several people who know me well says my outlook and even how I look has changed so much since then. I’m happier, even though I don’t make near as much money as I used to make. There is a lot to be said for doing what you love. Hopefully that will translate into a better income, but you can’t put a price tag on happiness.

    • I couldn’t agree more Kathleen, there is definitely no price tag on happiness, especially when it comes to your passions!