Apres de Ski trip

When I think ski resort, the first image that always pops into my head is gorgeous Audrey Hepburn with dark sunglasses and a black ski hat beautifully covering her face, cold breathe wisping from her mouth as she purrs wisecracks at Cary Grant from atop the Megève resort in one of my favorite movies, Charade. It’s that classic 60’s après de ski look — classy, elegant and chic all while sipping on a hot chocolate,. being cold, and NOT skiing…. But this is not 1965 France, and I am certainly not Audrey Hepburn. So, instead of classy winter chic, this is what was presented to Vermont.

This trip rather, would consist more of bud light lime, log cabin doubling as a bar debauchery, and hot tub time machine references from start to finish culminating in the actual watching of the latter referenced.

The hit of the weekend turned out to be my vintage Diesel ski hat and googles in one that I mentioned in Friday’s post. I bought it at Urban Outfitters in 1996, back when I was a more avid snowboarder and decided to give it it’s second life this weekend. Much to my surprise, it achieved less in the function department but much more in the attention grabbing one. I was constantly eyed over, stopped and asked, what are those, do those really work, can I see pulled down, this followed by my witty banter, and many random conversations. It was a conversation piece in itself. SO I might not have embodied Audrey Hepburn in the lodge, but I certainly did succeed at getting noticed. And I single handedly created a new word in the English language- the Hoggle— (hat + goggles in one). So the weekend was a success, after all….


Doing my best Audrey in the Stowe lodge donning my hoggle



ski resort chic



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