AOC white coat: Rock the look

Tuesday’s State of the Union got lots of commentary (obviously), but none more audible than the response to Alexander Ocasio Cortega’s style, and the AOC coat noticed round the world.

The newly elected Cortez (better known as AOC) arrived Tuesday night making headlines almost immediately. But not just for her nonchalant demeanor, or lack of standing ovation. It was her style, a white cape like blazer with slit sleeves that had everyone talking.

Style is one of the most powerful tools we have to express ourselves. And it can also be very influential. One look from Michelle Obama, or Meghan Markle illicits millions of Google searches and copied looks. Even our current first lady knows how powerful personal style can be. Her now infamous army jacket from last year had everyone talking, as well as frantically trying to copy the look in some way.

Now, the AOC white coat will prompt dozens of articles and obligatory Google searches once again. Fashionable women on the prowl for a look that they can also wear and feel empowered. The AOC white coat is actually from Zara, but its already sold out.

Don’t fret though. Not only are there copies to come I’m sure, there are plenty of current options to pick through. Personal style is typically innate. But imitation will also always be involved to a certain degree too. So if you do want to copy the AOC coat, it’s easier than you think.

Here are a few ways to copy that AOC white coat.

A slightly more high end style below

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Josephine cape blazer, Gravitas, $248 Shop here.

A super affordable option at Romwe

White collar cape blazer, $21.99

The Halston version

Halston Heritage Crinkle Crepe Slit-Sleeve Blazer, On sale for $247 at Bergdorf Goodman

Or go for the more NYC standard look and do black instead

Julia Jordan Cape jacket, $49.99 at Steinmart.

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