And now, A Short Story…

It took years and years, and a few more  after that for me to ever feel comfortable wearing shorts in any setting that did NOT include water, towels and sand. I never liked my legs, and with having so many previous knee problems, I was convinced my knees were FAT, and my legs not long enough to withstand the look, not to mention that I abhor the laid back beach look that, come warmer weather, so many seem to embrace on the city streets. That may be okay in Los Angeles or San Diego, but not on this island. When they tear down Times Square, put in a make shift beach, and add sand and beach chairs, then we can talk.

But in today’s fashion evolution, with so much else that’s changed, so has the guidelines and psycho-graphics of the shorts. Having made a come back a few years ago, it is still a trend with a lot of staying power, that is showing signs of settling in. All over the runways and in the collections of so many designers; part of the appeal is that shorts have actually become quite a versatile look. Shorts over tights with heels, the new updated, hipper version of the Saturday night going out outfit has become a favorite among so many girls, uptown, downtown and borough, or for a less dressy occasion, over tights with boots. There are so many looks for this style that depending on what part of the island you are on, you’re bound to see it in some form or another- On the upper east side, brunching this spring, you will see a girl wearing khaki J crew short shorts, with a Ralph Lauren crew neck sweater and Tory Burch flats, where as, if you go to Freemans brunch, you  might see that same pair of shorts, with a sequin top, boyfriend blazer, and high platform sandals. As for me, I finally, at thirty years old have come to term with my 5’1 frame, and the short legs that accompany it, and have embraced what I cannot change, at least in the fashion sense.

A pair of maroon shorts w/ black hearts that I found at H&M a few months ago, on sale for $10 I welcomed into my home, and made a part of my family closet. Not only that, but I actually had them jump in and get their feet wet right away, wearing them on  New Years eve, in Williamsburg, with a Sparkly J crew pink racer back (an original catalog buy from college that STILL to this day, dresses any outfit up just enough), metallic sparkly tights and Kors brown wedge boots. That busy weekend, (You know the ones when you have lots of plans, all with  different set of friends, which allows you to break the cardinal fashion rule, and actually wear the same piece 2 days in a row), I put them in heavy rotation. The next day, at brunch in Bryant Park I wore them again with flat riding boots and a Theory cashmere sweater, and then that night, for tapas and drinks with the girls, west village style, I rocked them one last time with Wedge boots, sheer heart detailed tights, and a chiffon tuxedo style ruffled blouse. 3 very different occasions, and 3 different styles to go with it, all centered round my $10 find.

J Crew Sparkle Wool racerback, H&M heart shorts over tights

This summer, I already plan on making shorts the protagonist of my story, and my preferred look right now is that vintage style silk, draped short. I have already seen them all over the stores, as well as the 50’s style high waist low drop, almost culotte style skirt shorts, which excites me, because it means all I have to do is go into my mom’s closet, and I have my pick at 3 different pairs. One yellow/green tartan almost golf looking style comes to mind. And, last weekend, with an hour to kill, I went to Forever 21, and $55 later, I had 4 pairs of shorts. A linen belted pair in khaki and black, a pair of red pleated ones, and a cute pair of Navy silk shorts with a wide pleated waistband. Sure, they’re throwaway items that probably won’t make it till next season, but at these prices, I can afford to have a whole new look next time.

So the main moral of this story, is make sure to buy a pair of shorts this summer, whether it’s a slightly more luxurious, expensive, pair, a better priced pair, or just a casual preppy pair, and IN SHORT, you won’t be disappointed………

J crew blue Sequin shorts- - $148

Flower print paperbag waistband shorts- $70

MNG- Mango pleated shorts - JC on sale for $39.92

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