All about Eve~ How to Celebrate New Years Eve in New York City

All about Eve - a night out on the island


If you’re spending the new years eve venturing out onto the island, there is no shortage of ways to keep your night going strong, no matter what your taste. You can:

1. Be really adventurous and check out Times Square. (In fairness to Times Square, this is definitely something you should experience… ONCE… and only once)

2. Eat at a Fun Restaurant

3. Party Hard! For ideas on how to do that, check out Refinery’s ultimate New Years Guide 


All About Eve- A night IN on the island

If Casual is your bag this New Years, (like me), then get creative. There’s lot of ways to have fun staying in. In fact many people would say it’s the better choice, and as I get older and more settled, I happen to agree. So how are you going to spend it? Have a pajama party, like me, or host a fabulous dinner party. (Let Martha Stewart teach you how)

If your celebration is a party of two and a celebration of all things “us”, then don’t spend the night asleep by midnight. Rent a movie, crack a bottle, and see what happens….

If a girls night is where you’re at, then pick a theme, or make it a costume attire, or spend half the night in, and the other half at an activity, like bowling, karaoke, wine bar, strip club, whatever your fancy…..

Or if Music is your jam, then the two Hottest places to be tomorrow night are in Nyc, and Brooklyn. Coldplay and Jigga play the Barclays, (where I would go), and for the ultimate 180 in fans, check out Madison Square Garden, where Phish fans (and my boyfriend) run free.

The only fair compromise for us was neither show; (before I look bad, he is seeing the other 3 in a row!) but I’m excited for a fun night in without sequins or red lips, but with good food, good friends, and my love to keep me warm into 2013.

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