Admitting is the first step… a journey into addiction

I admit it. I have a problem, an addiction of sorts, and I can’t seem to shake it. I’m obsessed with Clinique Bonus time. No matter the time, or the location, I will find the event, and somehow think of a product that I desperately need, and subsequently buy it, while anxiously awaiting yet ANOTHER cosmetics bag I will receive filled with more goodies to throw in my makeup box. Do I ever need any of the makeup I buy at these times? Not really, but what is it about Gifts with Purchases that excites a shopper so? So much that we are sometimes willing to buy, well anything, just in order to get that free gift. The thought that you are getting something, ANYTHING for free, forgetting the fact that you did actually BUY something to get it, is a marketing tactic that seems will continue to always remain effective, as long as there are people out there like me willing to over look the former fact.

So until they start a GWP anonymous club meeting, I’m afraid my addiction will continue to be fed… Sure I have a million unused makeup bags, but on the plus side, I’ll never need to buy another tube of mascara…

If you wan a mascara, a face moisturizer, lipstick and more of your very own, then check out, and sign up to find where your next Clinique Bonus is…    Or, if you think you’re not playing with the ameteurs, and want to up the ante, check out, and always know where your next free lipstick and night cream will be coming from. Warning- This hobby does cause addiction

GWP @ Bonton stores- w/ $21.50 purchase

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