Addicted to Fashion: Fashion Night out 2011 with Shop Addicts Fashion Binge

Forgive me as I try to catch up from the craziness of Fashion Week… This whole, i don’t conform to society’s technology advances spiel I’ve got going (read as a jewish word- it might help) usually works out okay, but I’m starting to realize, when I’m at events in a sea of people face down, instead of up, twittering and everything other ‘ING’ you can imagine, and I sadly look down at my flip phone,  my stance goes out the window, and I’m just a sad little girl in a social media world…

During Fashion Night Out I attended the Shop Addicts Fashion Binge Party, benefiting Project Lady Bug, and showcasing the Spring 2012 launches of several indie designers. I was ushered into the front row, where I was given a variety of viewings to the latest collections; a varied array that included Into the Skinny, cute black shape-wear doubling as skirts, with  separates, and an entire knit collection by Xiomara consisting of bathing suits, scarves, and crocheted dresses. These were probably my favorite designs of the night mainly because of their range in styles. A piece that stood out to me was a crocheted knit halter-like top contrasting with a satin maxi skirt on the bottom. I would definitely wear this piece dressed up or down. It also brought me back to the days when I was a kid and used to come work part time at my dad’s company, which is one of the industry leaders of yarn and knits. Actually, the infamous poncho in her collection, made famous when worn by Martha Stewart the day she was released from “jail” was actually made with this yarn. Small world….

Then there was Erin Shaw’s line; a visual juxtaposition of nature and fashion; kind of into the woods meets little red riding hood meets the movie, The Village. Though the models wobbled at times (you could almost feel them holding their breath as they had to walk back up the stairs with the theatrical headdresses), the point came across, loud and clear. I wouldn’t wear one to a party, but it was certainly interesting to watch.

It is that concept that continues to convey my point that fashion doesn’t always have to be beautiful, sometimes just being thought provoking is enough… Mission accomplished.

A piece from the INTO THE SKINNY collection- for more info on the brand, and where to find it, click here

A great piece from the S' 12 Xiomara Collection ~ For more info on and the brand, and to order click here

Little Red Riding Hood - Xiomara S '12

A Standout Piece from the GlamApparel Collection with an of the moment tassel necklace to match

Into the Woods with Erin Shaw’s new collection

To read more about Erin Shaw's process, and where to buy click HERE for her website

The Designer with her Creations




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