A throwback to a COLORFUL time- Anna Sui Fall 2011 – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Last night I went to the Anna Sui fashion show, and although in every sense it was what you would typically expect from her, it seemed that everything was more accented, Bigger colors, bolder prints, and in a nod to the old school fashion week of yester year, models walked out in packs of three to start and end the show, which definitely made a bold statement. The look was reminiscent of a type of Nutcracker set, and that was just the beginning.

The wispy banged hair called to a magical, freer time and went perfectly with the 60’s vibe of the show and the clothes. At the end, I felt transported back in time, and ready to go to the salon and have bangs re- cut (I’m still craving them, even though this decision pretty much every time in the past has lead to tears, and a clip strategically placed only 24 hrs later)

At one point the models came prancing down the catwalk in big overdone Mouse hats, another perhaps subtle nod to that ballet, and although I loathe the trend that is animal hats, I almost fathomed that perhaps they weren’t just for runway, and might make their way into a store.

Unfortunately, my camera cord is not working, and the other pictures my friend took have not been downloaded yet, so I will have to wait to post our pictures from the show. However, I did want to post now while the show is still fresh in my head- so I’m highlighting a few of my favorite looks (courtesy style.com)

Anna Sui fall 2011












Anna Sui fall 2011












Anna Sui fall 2011

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