A Sunday Kind of Love

Getting together w/ girls on a Sunday to read the NY Times wedding section; a common goal and dream of so many girls over, single or attached being getting that shot in the back page of that Sunday section — graduate any thing cum laude, or marry someone that did, and those dreams get a little closer, work at a bank, or have or marry into a prestigious  family, and you’re so close you can smell the ink drying on the press Sat night. It also doesn’t hurt if you either met in the rain, when someone’s umbrella broke, OR, both got into the same cab from opposite ends. OOPSIE, love you! The last time I got into the same cab as someone else, it didn’t end with a marriage proposal at all , rather a visit to the hospital for my accompanying friend whose bravado initiated not a love story, but a fight. NO one’s perfect.

I might sound a little cynical, and I guess I am, but still, reading those stories every Sunday, a common practice among NY women, is almost as much a ritual as Sunday brunch, and whether it’s to feel hope, bitterness, or just laugh, the stories provide something different for everyone.

As the spring/summer wedding season approaches, April brings way to all those THICK wedding magazines and specials, the equivalent of September Vogue for them, excitement brews as girls go wild, not at spring break, but at annual wedding sales and events, and interesting that right around the same time the ultimate couples event usually unfolds, is also right around the same time that everyone else decides to up their single ante and social calendars accordingly. It’s not as much fun snuggling in at home over wine and a movie cooing about how cute you two are, when it’s 80 degrees out, and all your friends are at the Frying Pan happy hour.

Maybe the numbers showing the percentage of women getting married earlier is going down, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the big business of the bridal industry that is constantly growing and expanding. And most recently, in an even  bigger way. And though it used to be that the selection between Vera Wang and Davids Bridal was few and far between, nowadays bridal has gone broad with many more options that even a magna cum laude prior financier would love…

The brand new bridal shop at Anthropologie is for the bride with an edge, someone whose heart wants formality, not to mention that Sunday blurb, but whose mind screams creative- These are not your typical wedding dresses or accessories, but you’re not a typical bride, and with prices ranging from $1400 to $4000, you dont’ have to be.

The J Crew added bridal section has been around a bit longer, but has already acquired a huge fan base, for their beautiful collection of sensible gowns, but even more so, for their selection of bridesmaid dresses, a sometimes scary notion for both the picker and the wearer, but in this shop, everybody wins. I might have been dreaming of custom made Vera Wang since I was  teenager, but I’m sure the leftover monopoly money will cover my girls looks in full…

Even shopbop.com is getting in the mix, with a brand new wedding chapter that is about to be revealed – click here to sign up early for the preview

And lastly, you know that even bridal has succumbed to the economic woes of current, when this happens…. But suprisingly, (or not), the figures show that many are ready and willing to go with the flow. Blue light special anyone???

Would you buy your wedding dress from the Kirstie Kelly for Costco line?

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