A little Slice of Heaven… Cut outs for Spring/Summer 2012

Maybe, all these years later Joey from Full House, played by the effervescent Dave Coulier actually was onto something every time he threw out his trademark line, Cut it Out. It commenced with laugh tracks a plenty, but Cut to 2012, and seems that fashionistas everywhere are actually taking the one liner to heart.

This season, the cut out is EVERYWHERE. As is usually the case, rather then rush out to the stores, all I had to do was go inside my arsenal of options, known to some as a closet, where I found my mustard colored Club Monaco slit sleeve top that I had purchased back in 2005, almost immediately after spotting it in the window.

But like many, although I have tried to fight it, in some cases, certain trends, in spite of their “trendiness”, an adjective I usually stray from, become coveted items. Turns out, already having one item was not enough, and when I spotted a steal of a dress, not only with cute cut out sleeves, but in sharp, captivating coral, I had to buy it. At $20, it satiated my needs, and by the time I’ve worn it out, the season will be over, and there will be a whole new collection of ideas up my sleeve.

In this case, no matter how you feel about this look, if you do rock it, prepare for shoulder grazing, cool air, and bringing new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Club Monaco mustard cut out top

Inspiration at a Lulu's.com event during Fashion week

Coral cut out sleeves tunic dress- Strawberry- $19.99. Stacked bracelets; from India


For a similar look….

Arno Dress in Coral - $320 - CLick here to buy @ Forwardforward.com

And for a more affordable version of the look Check out one of my new favorite online shops, Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal x MINKPINK Michele Lace Dress- $88.00- Click here to buy


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